A Daily Fantasy Sports Product

A game where skill meets social – designed for the rising demand of igaming products targeting a younger demographic

Easy to Play

1. Pick a Contest

Select a sport and a game type you would like to play, then choose a contest from the Lobby

2. Draft your Team

Select athletes from upcoming real world contests to form your lineup

3. Watch and Win!

Watch your team climb the leaderboards in real-time as your athletes perform

Our turnkey DFS platform provides operators with many advantages

  • Speed to Market

    One-step Seamless integration of our front-end iframe into your existing site

  • Integrated Wallet

    No hassle integration; your customers use their existing wallets to play on the DFS platform. Our network does not store or hold any sensitive customer information.

  • Mobile Play

    Our development team optimizes every feature for ideal performance on mobile devices

  • Customizable

    Choose the look and feel of the platform to enhance your brand

  • Built for New Markets

    Industry-first guided experience through a lobby assistant to ease new user indoctrination

    Our proprietary rating system matches users in head-to-head contests based on skill level and experience, ensuring a healthy ecosystem

Shared Network Liquidity

Global will operate network contests whereby the combined player bases of all operators will participate and share liquidity

  • The benefit for individual operators is the ability to piggyback off of the massive prize pools and offer their users much larger contest prize winnings
  • Another benefit for new operators launching DFS to their userbase for the first time, is that our network will provide an active Lobby from the moment you launch
  • Operators have the option to opt in/out of contests across the entire Global network
  • Operators will have the option to run contests that are only available to their players and will have input into determining contest details
  • The Global DFS network shares contests between all operators to ensure tournament fill rate is maximized thus increasing revenue and minimizing risk to operators

Contest Types

Salary Cap Contests

More Skill-Based

In salary cap contests, users spend their budget selecting real life athletes with the goal of constructing a team that scores the most fantasy points in connection with a given group of games. Users must build complete teams without going over the salary cap. Athletes are all assigned a salary using a proprietary algorithm that encompasses their past performances while accounting for additional factors such as weather, injuries, and playing time opportunity.

Quick Pick Contests

Great for Beginners

In Quick Pick contests, users are presented with groups of real life athletes. The goal is to construct a team that scores the most fantasy points by selecting one athlete from each group. This game type is an excellent tool to help introduce new members to the daily fantasy sports concept, providing less experienced members with a quick and easy way to get involved. This type of contest also requires less time to select a team, and therefore caters to individuals that can’t dedicate the time and resources to the salary cap format.

Product Features

Cutting-edge gameplay technology

Lineup Centric Focus

Easily adjustable and reusable lineups are intuitive enough for new users to feel comfortable, while providing strategic depth to present challenges for experienced players

Lineup Flexibility

”Flex” positions allow users to build lineups corresponding to different formations and allow for greater strategic depth

Live Scoring

Follow matches in real-time to see where your lineups rank as your athletes perform

European Football


Fully Managed Services

  • Customized Contests

  • Reporting and Analytics

  • Fully-scalable for high load of traffic

  • Secure Hosting and firewall protection

  • Expert DFS Marketing Support

  • Network Contest Management

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